3 years and 19 months

July 13, 2013

So it’s been a while since I’ve been here.  Sue me. 🙂 Life has been busy.  I didn’t go back to work as planned in March and decided that an extended leave of absence was in order.  I haven’t regretted it for a second! The kids are great. Lots of exploring, language acquisition and fun here. My dd has moved to the school age room and little man is coming along to all the events I plan for my nonprofit group. We have a great time together and with all the other families we meet.  Every second with him has been a gift.

Life with my dh has been stressful since little man was born.  My dd is high maintenance (sorry baby) and my little boy is getting to be the same (only when his sister is around so it’s a learned behaviour). We’ve had a lot of communication issues as of late. We’re trying to work things out as we go. It’s not something that will go away any time soon. It’s a process. I hope we can make it work. I’ve also decided that I’m going back to work come September and I have a new grade and classroom.  Lots of change.  Little man is going back to daycare in August so we both have time to adjust. I’m also going to start a new blog and hopefully get some product reviews done. My Etsy shop is still on the go https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/GiftsByRandi and I can be found on Twitter @GiftsForSophie and FB (same name). I’m trying to do something I enjoy and that I find relaxing when all this new stuff hits the fan. 🙂



13 months/31 months

January 25, 2013

We find ourselves in January in a new year. My baby boy is thirteen months old now. He can say Diego (thanks to his sister’s movies – sigh), cheese (chee) when he takes something and uses it to take pictures and light (lie) and points at a light. What a smart guy! He waves and blows kisses. He says hi and started saying bye (buh). He has been teething lately and I see a hole where a molar will be coming through. Teething has been brutal this time around and I’m a little relieved at his relief. Then I remember he has three more molars that need to come in soon. Argh!! He also strung together his first sentence this week. He took the baby monitor and held it up to his ear and kept saying Hi Daddy! Adorable! My heart melted!! He’s doing so well and I believe he’s gaining some weight. I will find out next week at his weigh-in.

My big girl is doing so well. She has even started printing practice at preschool! She loves dancing, singing and creative play! She currently loves One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful! It’s so adorable!

Now onto bad news. My BFF’s son who is 21 months old died this week when he choked while having a seizure. He had oxygen deprivation by the time he got to the hospital. They donated three organs to three lucky kids. I’m awaiting news about his forthcoming funeral. Truly tragic. I’ve been crying nonstop. She called me as soon as she gave birth. I held him only a month ago at my own son’s birthday party. Terrible loss.

I can’t write more as its hurting me to relive this.

12 months/30 months

December 29, 2012

I cannot believe for one second that my beautiful baby boy is already one year old! It’s astounding how quickly the year has passed. I’m so amazed at all the changes I’ve seen in him. How he started off as a helpless baby that needed me for everything and all he knew was my face and smell and how to scream and that now he’s more independent and resourceful than ever before! His vocabulary had increased so much lately! He’s saying ho ho ho, uh oh, oh no, ma (Max), li (light). He is absolutely fascinated by lights! Every room he enters, he points to the light immidiately. He loves the Christmas tree! We have it on all the time. Good thing we use energy efficient lights! He loves the cat(s) and his big sister. He has separation anxiety from me still. He loves balls (throwing) and destroying towers of blocks. He also loves remote controls, laptops and cell phones. He has great rhythm, loves music, singing and dancing. He has started to copy me when I dance and what I sing. He has started imitating Ryan and does antlers. It’s adorable! Even cuter is his waving and blowing kisses! He is just starting to show an interest in books. He still bites them and throws them but will now sit for a bit and look at them. He’s such a joy! He’s starting to wean himself off of nursing lately (he won’t nurse for naps and barely when he wakes but only for nighttime sleep). He won’t sit to eat so daddy feeds him now table food or baby food for me. He’s very inquisitive. He has such a sweet tooth. Speaking of teeth, he has eight of them. He bites when he’s frustrated or mad. This is usually when something is taken away from him or he thinks his sister isn’t being fair. He follows her around like a little puppy. I’m so very proud of him and love him so much. I’m so happy to have extended my leave so I can spend more time with him.

As for my big girl, she had a great Christmas. She was so looking forward to Santa coming and giving her presents. She got so much over the holidays. She was overwhelmed. And she is now potty trained!! It took three long days of staying home, accidents, stickers, and a million reminders. We are so very proud of her! She now wears big girl undergarments (Dora and Diego). The second day was a killer. Now we need to work on night training. Problem is that she sleeps with a cup of water so we put her in pull ups. Oh well! She loved opening all her presents and those of her brother. Our blue boxes are overwhelmed with wrapping and cardboard boxes!

I’m so very blessed with a healthy and happy family this holiday. Since my daughter was born, her first Christmas was ruined with me being in the hospital with a shattered arm. Her second was filled with a new baby brother. This time around, thank God we were all together and well. We make gingerbread houses, tons of Christmas cookies, watched the Santa Claus parade, and many holiday shows on tv. It was the Christmas is always dreamed of! It couldn’t have been better! We had brunch and dinner at our house for the holiday. So busy! But I loved it. My husband didn’t really. He doesn’t want us to do it again since it was so much work. I think that this year he did most of the cooking so he realized its too much. 🙂

My year in review:
This 2012 year was special since my family was complete. We all four have lots of fun together and I cherish our family time. I was doing volunteer work for my mommy group every week since the summer. I’ve made some amazing friends during this mat leave. I didn’t have to visit the hospital for myself or anyone I love (knock on wood). My kids are my pride and joy. I love them so much and am constantly amazed at them. I’m learning how to sew better. Although I’m not as concerned with keeping a tidy and organized house (much to hubby’s chagrin). I’ve loved being off of work this year. I’m not too happy about all the germs that daycare has brought into my house though. But I’m happy that we decided to keep my girl there during my time off so I could bond with my baby boy.

11 months

December 2, 2012

How is it that my baby boy is almost a year old?! It’s unbelievable how quickly this year has gone by. I felt cheated out of enjoying my time with my girl when she was a baby since I broke my elbow when she was seven months and I couldn’t care for her again on my own for the rest of my mat leave. So I’m thoroughly enjoying every stage with my son. He started running and pointing. He says mama, dada, tickle, no, and oh no! He’s adorable and usually in such a good mood. He has seven teeth and I suspect he’s teething again. He still doesn’t routinely sleep through the night and when he doesn’t, it affects him in the day. He gets very whiny and clingy. He hasn’t slept well in the day either lately. Poor little guy. Good thing he’s cute. 😉

Fall 2012

November 1, 2012























10 months and 2.5 years

October 28, 2012

It always amazes me at the speed in which time passes when you have kids! We are already planning my baby’s first birthday along with Chanukah and Christmas celebrations. Time passes too quickly! On the plus side, I have been allowed to extend my leave from work until mid March. 🙂 More time with my baby!

Little man is walking more (up to eight steps alone), he’s starting to wave hello and making the ‘more’ sign. We are working on clapping too. Unfortunately sleeping through the night is not very frequent anymore. 😦 He wakes up at least once a night and doesn’t always go back to sleep. :-/

My big girl is doing wonderfully! She knows her colours and animals. She’s working on letter recognition and remembering parts of a story and she can count to twenty. She’s also working on one to one correspondence and she started swimming lessons with her daddy! We are so proud of them both!

We are looking forward to Halloween next week with an Elmo costume and penguin costume. The house is spooky and our Dora pumpkin has been carved. It’s almost time to look forward to Christmas. I’ve started buying gifts already. 😉

Happy October!

8 and 9 months

October 5, 2012

Too much time has passed!  I can’t believe I’ve skipped a month.  Eek!  Such is the life of a second born child. 🙂  Sorry baby boy.

So much has happened in these months that I don’t know where to start.  Baby boy is growing like a weed!  He is long (75th percentile) but light (25th percentile).  He is thinning out so much.  He is a busy little guy.  He started cruising around furniture.  The first time we noticed this was when I was helping my mom set up her class in August.  We looked up and the baby was cruising along some toy boxes! That led to standing on his own for a few seconds (mid-9th month).  And THAT led to taking a couple steps by himself.  The first time was when he walked from the couch to his sister’s princess chair.  The second time was when he walked from the couch to hubby in the middle of the room.  He was starting to stand up from a sitting position.  He was eating well most days.  His teeth kept popping out (by mid-9th month he had six teeth and a seventh on the bottom was coming out).  Now that the weather was getting colder, I had to dress baby in more clothing.  He was NOT enjoying this. 🙂  He hates wearing socks and shoes.  Coats are difficult to wrestle him into.  And speaking about wrestling, I can’t change his diaper and clothing without fighting with him.  Even when I pin him down, he manages to get away (usually buck naked).  He loves bare time. 🙂  He also loves his sister to bits!  He looks forward to seeing her at the end of the day. She makes him laugh like nobody can.   And she adores the heck out of him!  She kisses him and hugs him all the time.  Of course she also takes his toys away. 🙂  And he is getting a horrible temper.  If anything is taken away from him he has a horrible fit. He’s biting me when he’s frustrated, angry or tired.  I’m covered in bruises!  One of his favourite toys at the moment is a plastic pipe that he got from my mom’s classroom.  He carried around with him everywhere.  He even slept with it.  After about two weeks, he got over it. 🙂 He doesn’t have a favourite toy at the moment.  He has a bit of separation anxiety but it’s nothing like it was with his big sister.

The house keeps going through cycles of colds and coughs.  My daughter brings it home from preschool and then gives it to us!  She had a couple weeks after my husband went away on business of anxiety.  She didn’t want to be with her daddy.  She didn’t want to go to school.  She wanted to be with me 24-7.  This is going to be difficult as my hubby goes away once every two months.  She’s had to deal with this since she was born but it’s getting harder for her now that she’s getting older. She’s almost 2.5 years old!  She is so smart and loving.  And her tantrums are making us crazy!  She is constantly testing us.  She also has an amazing memory so we have to be careful what we say to her.

Little man has had some rough nights lately.  Hopefully he’ll sleep well tonight.  Since he’s asleep (for now) I will get some rest too.

7 months?

August 26, 2012

Where did the time go?? I thought I’d written about his seventh month…bad mommy!

So much has happened. He started sleeping through the night at six and a half months. He started doing the army man crawl at the end of six months/beginning of seven months. He had slight food allergies when tested at the doc’s office so I’ve slowed down his eating exposure. But he seems to like proteins and carbs. Yogurt gave him more eczema. :-/ Poor guy. Just when we thought his skin was getting better. He started sitting up with more stability at seven months. Thank goodness for that! He had quite a few bumps on the head from our hardwood floor. He’s besties with one of our cats! He freaking adores his big sister and she clearly adores him!

This month, month eight, he is pulling himself up to standing thanks to furniture and his crib. He even started gnawing on the crib rails and I have the pics to prove it! He also started cruising a bit with help from boxes and the couch. Scary! Didn’t expect this at this age. I remember with my daughter how we tried to teach her all of this. But with him, we haven’t and he seems to be doing it all on his own. Smart baby and very early!!! Watch out kitty cats! Trouble is on its way. 😉

He is also babbling nonstop. Much more vocal than his sister at this age.

6 months….here we go!

June 21, 2012

So it’s been a while since I posted.  My little guy is now six months old (holy cow!) and doing great!  He had his check up and is healthy and hearty!  His weight and height keep increasing and is still found along the 50th percentile.  But to me he looks big!  He loves his mommy food and usually has at least one good meal of solids a day.  He seems to be allergic to carrots though. He had a rash all over his face, stomach and chest.  I will give him some time before trying for the third time. I’ll try something else, not baby carrots.  He loves squash and sweet potato, just like his big sister!  I find that if I mix the veggies with his cereal (rather than giving one at a time) he eats it.  Why didn’t I try this with S?  He still doesn’t sleep through the night though.  A few nights ago I was having a bad allergy attack so I took some meds for it and it knocked me out all night.  Not sure if he woke or not but I didn’t hear a thing! Had the longest sleep to date.  So I did it again the next night and same results.  I’m hoping that he’ll get the message after a few nights like that.  Of course the last two nights, although he wakes up while I’m still awake at night so I save him, but he’s been sleeping around six hours straight, then wakes around 5/6am and keeps me up!  He thinks that is it for sleeping and won’t go back down.  I have to stay with him for half an hour or so until he goes back down.  Man, this is backfiring. I ended up sleeping in bed with him the other morning because I was too darn tired to go back to sleep in my room and didn’t want to wake him.  But he’s the cutest little thing!  We recently acquired a jumperoo and he loves it!  He also now sleeps on his tummy all the time.  He naps well in his crib (for 3o-60mins).  He still loves to be held but is the squirmiest little bugger there ever was!  He loooooves his big sister and laughs all night long with her.  He also loves the cats.  He spies them and laughs himself silly.  He loves his Sophie Giraffe of course and is getting use to his lovey in his bed. I don’t know where it came from as it is second hand but it does go into the washing machine.  Hope we don’t lose it!  He really is such a great baby and cute as a button. I love him so much!  He sits up on his own for a bit before toppling over.  He reaches for things all the time and is babbling away.  We think he’s saying mamamamama but S wants him to say her name too. 🙂  She’s so cute and loves him so much!  A little too much.  She smothers the heck out of him and he just loves it!

As for S, we’re not pushing the toilet training.  She has peed twice in the potty so far but isn’t interested in sitting on it anymore. We’re not pushing it.  She’s also starting to dress herself and put her shoes on herself.  What a big girl!  She still loves anything Elmo.  She says she doesn’t want to go to school in the mornings now and her daddy battles her every morning.  She’s being transitioned to the preschool room now.  Holy cow!  When did she grow up?  She’ll be the youngest one there but the room will be a younger room since the older ones are going to the senior room and really it will be a room of kids from the toddler 1 room (her room).  It’s good and bad.  The teachers in her room are leaving for university in September so it’s better that she leaves them first.  But she seems so young compared to all those other kids.  I guess she’ll get use to it.  She is a fighter and will survive!  I have to give her more credit.  She’s amazing!  She also has tremendous anxiety about everything around her. Not sure if it’s a stage or if she got it from me, but it does worry the heck out of me.  Her newest problem is storms.  She was at school when a big thunderstorm struck and that was all it took to make her scared of them.  Now with a national holiday coming up, I’m worried about the fireworks. She is also a creature of habit.  We have to go to the playground every freaking evening after dinner or she makes our lives difficult.  But we do love how active she is.  Her brother will be just like her when he grows up!

As for me, I’m suppose to have another surgery to remove one of the screws that is getting loose in my elbow.  I have mixed feelings about that, especially since we don’t know if that will actually help me feel better.  My elbow seems to catch on tendons/ligaments easily and it hurts so much!  It also crunches and hurts daily.  Not sure when to do this.  My hubby wants it done before I go back to work.  My mom wants it done before the summer is done.  It’s suppose to be an easy surgery.  Go in, remove screw, leave.  I’m home that night without a cast and start physio the next day.  I don’t want to lose the amazing movement I worked hard to get in my arm.  My physio therapist said I shouldn’t have to deal with more than just some stiffness.  He thinks it will be fine and might even help me.  But the doc said there is only a 50/50 chance of the removal of the screw helping to solve my problems.  Sigh.  I don’t want to be on pain killers since I’m still nursing.  I don’t want to not hold my babies.  Not sure what to do….

Ok I think that’s all for now. Ciao!

5 months alrealdy

May 17, 2012

So my little monkey is five months old. He’s scarfing down solids like it’s going out of style! He’s eating rice cereal, oatmeal and white potatoes. I’ll be starting more veggies soon.  He loves food and so far, food loves him. 🙂  I was feeding him closer to bedtime and he was waking only twice a night. Not sure if there is a relationship between the two but I was a happy momma.  But he paid me back last night for any sleep I was getting. :-{  He’s starting to sit up on his own a bit. He has a great laugh and smiles all the time! He’s such a great and happy little one. Such a ray of sunshine.  He loves seeing me. He seeks out my hand when I’m feeding him so he can hold my finger. He really does light up when he sees me and I’m not just saying that. Too bad he doesn’t sleep through the night. He’s up every 1-2 hours. It’s frightening and maddening. But he’s just so cute you don’t want to get upset with him. I just love him so much!  And his big sister just loves him so much too!  She really makes him smile and laugh. She kisses and hugs him all the time (a little too rough but he doesn’t seem to mind). They love each other so much. He lights up when he sees her. She runs to see him when she gets home at the end of the day. I love my kids so much it’s amazing to see them interact with each other. It melts my heart. Ok I’m exhausted and fighting sleep. Good night.